Another 3 Great Tweets on Education Technology

In this week, we are required to find 3 another tweets with valuable information and they helped me to shape or understanding of teaching/learning.


This tweet gives an interesting question whether we should force teachers to use technology in class. Obviously, the answer to this question is no. Technology should be used in a way to assist the teaching, but not be just for itself. Traditional teaching has its value which technology cannot be replaced. For example, writing in paper may help children’s cognitive development. Therefore, it is important for instructor decide whether technology should be used in some lessons. Technology is not a “must”.


This tweet offers a great idea that technology extends the methods in teaching. In the past, the teaching practices were limited. But with the help of technology, we are able to work on something that is difficult or restricted. For example, in a geography class, students can have virtual trips to investigate different places in the world, and it is difficult in the past for student to visit the actual places. On the other hand, the first sentence indicates that if technology is used with no purpose, then it will not achieve any goal. Therefore similar to the first tweet, I think technology should be used at the right place.


This tweet talks about an example of using Minecraft in teaching by one teacher. In 21st century, game is one of the important elements that engage students in learning. As there are many educational games available in the net, why we do not include games into the class? From the link, it says that open-ended situations allows students to know how to solve problems differently. Hence, I think that when I become a math teacher, it may be good to add some games such as focusing on computation or use it in demonstrating some situation.


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