Tweets and a Blog

I would like to share some of my thoughts from the tweets and one blog entry I read.


This tweet gives an interesting question asking whether we know the usage of games in classroom. From the article which link is given in the tweet, it says that including games in classroom is not as easy as you think. There are some psychology underlying it and “we need to get better at gamification”. I agree those ideas, and it is important because present generation loves to play games. Games may act as a pedagogy tool for them. However, we should try to make games more sense and impact in the class.



This tweet discusses about digital divide. Digital divide refers to situation that some regions have internet connection while some do not. I think this tweet is interesting and the information acts as guidelines for teachers in rural or other areas where internet connection is limited. To my surprise, only “71% of American homes have adopted broadband” ( Digital literacy is important in 21st century. Therefore, we should try to engage more students in using technology and the guideline helps the teachers.



Although this tweet is not quite related to education technology, her sentence is so meaningful that I would like to share to you. Nowadays teachers and students are concerned with grades. They think grades are the most important one to evaluate themselves. However, this is not true. If some students have a good grade but they learn nothing, then the teaching will become useless. Teachers should focus more on the students’ learning process and make sure that they are getting something from the materials.



This blog describes how to use google in education. I believe that many people use google in the search engine, email and many other services. Educators can use these awesome features in their teaching. In the blog, it has listed several tools, such as google search, google drive and google maps. The blog tells me that there are many tools in the net I can use; they provide multiple ways of representation and engagement. Also they are handy and easy to use. Hence, there is no excuse that you cannot integrate technology into classes.


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