Tweets and a Blog #2

This week I would like to share another thoughts on another three tweets and one blog


This tweet indicates some sources that are allowed to use free online images. I think this thing is important to teachers because pictures is more worthy then words and many students like using pictures to express their thinking. To avoid the violation of copyright, teachers should teach the students to use free source image. Hence, I think it is important and valuable for teachers


This tweet spots out one thing that teachers should manage the educational content for students. As there are tons of resources from the Internet, teachers have to choose the right and relevant ones for students. The attached link in the tweet suggests the app, “appoLearning” for teachers. I think teachers may try this and see whether it works great.


This tweet includes a blog link inside and the blog gives 10 ways to use google map in the classroom. In everyday life, it is frequent to use google map such as having a visual tour or finding destinations. Therefore, it is good to be used in lessons for geography, history or other course. Also, as google map is very common, students should learn it for some purposes.




This blog discusses about some common mistakes when teachers start a classroom blog. I think it is interesting because even if I do not write it for the educational purpose, I still get this mistake very often. Moreover, for example, in one of the mistakes “making it optional”, if I were the student of that teacher, I would also do not want to view it because I think it may not be fun. Classroom blogs are good for students to review the concepts they had before. Therefore, we should remind ourselves those mistakes so that the classroom blogs have their effect on the students.


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