Tweets and a Blog #3

This week I am going to share my thoughts about three tweets and a blog I have read.


This tweet includes a link of the author’s blog that shows the way technology should be used in classroom. As we know there are many advantages of using technology, it is not enough in just focusing on reducing the time teaching. The blog suggests that teaching creativity is the key in the lessons, which I think is important to the teachers. The blog also includes the SAMR model and the ideas from John Seely Brown. Those things are beneficial to teachers.



This tweet includes a link of a webpage that discusses some technology tools which improve classroom collaboration. The information there is valuable because collaboration is essential in many workplace and it helps to improve communication skills. The tools introduced in that webpage are useful and they are free. Teachers can choose to implement these tools in their lessons.



This tweet introduces how to have a classroom makeover using technology. In that webpage, the sentence “Technology isn’t a computer; it’s a way of interacting with oneself and the world” is valuable as it indicates the way we should use for technology. Moreover, the webpage lists five concerns in implementing technology into classrooms. They are good suggestions and teacher may follow them as guidelines.



This blog discusses some myths about online learning. As online learning is getting common nowadays, there are some concerns on it, like whether it is effective in learning. The blog said that the myths are true if online learning does not get it done properly. Also, it gave some good reason in arguing that those myths are not true. To me, online learning is good method in teaching students since it is an approach in UDL. When I become a teacher, I think I may promote online learning to students in order to increase students’ learning attitude.


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