Tweets and a Blog #4

This week I would like to share my thoughts in three tweets and one blog.

1. [tweet]

This tweet quotes one important sentence in the blog attached: “think before you comment”. As there are tons of chats on Internet every second, one may need to consider the impact of internet communication. Also, there are many cyberbullying cases and some students do not know the consequences of giving a bad comment. Therefore, it is important to teach the student the correct digital etiquette and ethics, components of digital citizenship.


2. [tweet]

This tweet introduces some ways of integrating of technology in classroom. They include using tablets, mobile phones, videos and digital study halls. I think that the first two kinds of integration may be more important because they allow immediate responses from students. Since almost all students have one smartphone or tablet, teachers can use this opportunity and make them engaged in learning.


3. [tweet]

This tweet includes a blog which discusses about the barriers to creativity and innovation. Integrating technology in classroom needs creativity and innovation, since often there is no past examples of implementing some specific kind of technology into lessons. I agree to the points that the blog made. Teachers should be aware whether they have followed the wrong way.



This blog argues that social media can be useful in lessons. The author gives seven claims of how social media affect their learning, cognitive thinking and future working environment. I believe many teachers consider social media distracts students from learning. In my opinion, if we use technology properly, it can be helpful in teaching. The first step of introducing social media in lesson is that teachers should teach students the right way of using social media. Teachers may discusses with students about components of digital citizenship in social media. Moreover, supervising students of using social media is also important as to prevent some common misuse of it.


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