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Weekly Challenges #4

In this week, we are going to discuss this documentary.


This webpage includes some new formats of teaching in US using digital media. Some examples are game design lessons, letting students having their own production, and using mobile devices to investigate the world. I think these practices would make a great impact to the future.

In one of the video, it discussed about the term “digital literacy”. This term has mentioned many times in education technology and it means an ability to find and evaluate information in the net. Since there is a flooding amount of information on Internet, student should have the correct use of it and be able to recreate the content from the information retrieved. Therefore, teachers have responsibility to guide the students and let them discover the network.

On the other hand, in most videos, new media is used instead of traditional ways in teaching and students seemed to enjoy in the lessons. As mentioned in one of the video, many students do not like the assessments that test their academic subjects. They would be more interest if it is talking about something they like. I think these things are related to the UDL. Using multimedia in lesson can be multiple mean of representation, and it also engages students in working the task. For example, kids would feel boring if going to museum and just watch the exhibitions. They would be more eager to work if they have a cell phone and take photos. Hence, when we become a teacher, we should try to include creative teaching methods and get things related to their interest.

In the future, I think the classroom might have more elements. Since there is some promotions in using laptops or tablets in the class, the number of books students needed to take would be less. There would be more communications through the network and student would need to interact immediately to other responses. The form of assessment would also be changed. There would be less assessments in pen and paper; more would be in online. Moreover, teachers would not need to lecture too much in the class. Instead, they would assist their students individually or in small groups about constructing their work using digital devices.